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Prominent Republicans in Washington state, Colorado endorse legal pot

  (Reuters) - Ballot measures to legalize marijuana in Washington state and Colorado gained support this week from a pair of prominent Republicans - U.S. Senate candidate Michael Baumgartner and former Representative Tom Tancredo - who could help sway conservative voters.   No state has ever legalized marijuana for recreational use. The federal...Read More »

Pot Dealer tries to eat a marijuana plant

  Perhaps it was a case of the munchies.  

Police in northeastern Pennsylvania say an alleged pot dealer tried to destroy evidence by eating a marijuana plant.


The Times-Tribune reports that 33-year-old Jeremiah Carmody faces several drug-related charges following events on Monday in Scranton.


Police say Carmody tried to eat the...Read More »

Review: Silver Surfer Vaporizer

This desk top model, sporting and all glass and ceramic heater has long been one of our favorites. With it’s semi-custom approach and sleek look, it doesn’t look like other vaporizers.   Beyond looks, how does it perform? It’s an amazing piece of technology meeting art that hits well and gives great...Read More »

Review: Thermovape

Wow, this portable vaporizer heats up fast. Don’t have time to wait for your herbal vaporizer to hit temperature? Welcome to the Thermovape.   5 seconds? Yes, this unit heats up in 5 seconds. It hits like a champ too. The thermovape hit our radar screens early this year and we were...Read More »

Review: Volcano

The granddaddy of desktop vaporizers. The Volcano Vaporizer is not for the budget conscious vaper. This is the perfect party vape. Unlike the new crop of portable vaporizers that allow you to vape on the go, the Volcano stays put on your table and can be shared in a “team...Read More »

Review: DaVinci Vaporizer

This portable vaporizer burst onto the scene seemingly out of nowhere earlier this year and is making a serious charge on the portable market. The DaVinci caught our attention with it’s sleek look and terrific design. Looks only go so far though. What about performance? This pocket sized vaporizer surpassed our...Read More »

Medical Marijuana Becoming Election Hot Button In Presidential Race

Libertarian presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson today praised Rep. Paul Ryan for his willingness to let states decide whether to allow the use of medical marijuana, but added, “Don’t get too excited until we know where Mitt Romney stands.” Responding to a question on a Denver...Read More »

Lawmaker to introduce pot decriminalization bill

  An influential Indiana lawmaker intends to sponsor a bill next session that would reduce penalties for people found inpossession of small amounts of marijuana.   State Sen. Brent Steele, R-Bedford, said his legislation would make possession of 10 grams or less of marijuana an infraction rather than a criminal misdemeanor. Ten grams...Read More »

Blog: Now You Can Smoke Pot in Restaurants

  I was sitting with a group of friends at a low table in a new Lower East Side spot -- you know, one of those places where the cocktails are front and center, and the pallid food menu seems like an afterthought. I won't mention the name. As we sat,...Read More »

Willie Nelson Uses a Vaporizer?

  He’s old and he smokes a lot of weed. That’s why people still care about Willie Nelson -- that and the fact his music inspired a lot of current musicians. OK he’s sold 50 million albums over a lifetime career too.   Nelson may have emphysema but that hasn’t stopped him from...Read More »

Trippy Stick Powers Up, Medical Marijuana Legalized in Newark, Seattle, LA, Denver

  Trippy Sticks, a new portable vaporizer for Hash Oil, is dominating growth charts on the stoners' market. Exploding on the scene in 2012, medical marijuana legalization in New Jersey, California, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, and other states fueled the demand. Sold on-line at e-store,, the new way to get THC...Read More »

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